Tarot & Cartomancy: Purification rituals to cleanse your cards


This post also applies to any other form of card divination (Such as Lenormand or Oracle cards).

Over time your cards absorb energy, and not all of it is good. And sometimes your deck simply absorbs too much different energy, making your deck unclear and unfocused. Maybe a lot of people have handled your cards, maybe you used your card in a difficult emotional period or maybe something feels a little off with your cards? When this happens, your cards can use a good energy cleanse. This post will talk about what you need to know about cleansing and clearing your cards.

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Introduction to card divination


Cartomancy is known as the art of card divination. It is commonly believed that it originated in late 14th century Italy. Although there are many unconfirmed myths claiming it to be significantly older.
Did you know that there are several different types of card divination?

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When life deals you bad cards


It’s no big secret that life can deal you some bad cards. This happens to all of us sooner or later in life. Some get major life changing cards, and others get minor everyday cards. Life may not be fair that way, some of us get a lot to deal with, while others seem to have it easy. You can always wallow in self-pity and think why me? Or you can try to work with what you’ve been given.

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Tarot: unlocking the three card spread

Part 2. It’s all about that spread


Now why should you care about  Tarot spreads? A spread is not strictly necessary, but it is intriguing. Why? Because a good pattern grabs the focus of both you and the reader.

When you find the question you wish to ask, are you satisfied with the spread? It’s easy to simply place them in a row, just like in the “Past present Future” spread. Although row placements are safe, they can get a little boring. If you are feeling creative, make your own.

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